Thune And Rounds Vote AGAINST Terrorism Prevention

South Dakota Senators Thune and Rounds BOTH voted to reject a proposal that would have placed a moratorium on the issuance of visas for “High Risk” countries.

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The proposal would have put a hold on visas from 33 “High Risk” countries until better security processes are in place.

Thune and Rounds said “NO”.

Breitbart News provides a complete list of those voting for and against the proposal.

Senator Rand Paul, who introduced the amendment in the US Senate had this to say, “My bill would place pause on issuing Visas to countries that are at a high risk for exporting terrorists to us. My bill would also say to Visa waiver countries that in order to come and visit, you would have to go through Global Entry, which would require a background check.”

But Thune and Rounds were having none of it.  I’m sure they have a plethora of reasons.  (As always, they both have an open invitation to share them with our readers… unedited.  As always, we do not expect them to respond).  Unless I have missed it, neither Thune or Rounds have made any proposals of their own.

Among the Senators supporting the proposal were Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, two dependable conservatives in the US Senate.

South Dakota should expect more from their leaders to protect our state and nation from terrorism.  Unfortunately, our Governor, Dennis Daugaard refuses to reject Syrian refugees and has suspicious campaign contributions which may betray his policy position on terrorists.  Now, our Senators Thune and Rounds refuse to put a hold on potential terrorist immigration until we can properly vet them.

Very disappointing.

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  1. December 8, 2015 at 6:36 am

    Oh no. We couldn’t risk offending liberals and terrorists with such a move!

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