Cruelty To Animals

“I can’t even listen to talk about trapping animals.”


That was the comment I got when mentioning preparations being made for the trapping season in South Dakota.

“They suffer, and it’s cruel,” was the further response.  It may be hard to believe, but I was quiet.  It isn’t that I didn’t have plenty to say.  The animal lover/protector just would not have listened, so I didn’t want to waste my breath.

I could have said… God was the first in history to harvest an animal for its skin.  He clothed Adam and Eve with the skin of an animal.  He also gave man dominion over every living creature.  Hunting, fishing and trapping is not something new.

If you want to focus on the issue of cruelty, maybe it would be helpful to watch a few videos of animals killing other animals.  On a hunting trip to Montana, my son and I  witnessed a coyote literally eating a deer alive.  The deer had been chased until all it could do is stand while the coyote ripped its flanks of their flesh.  The animal kingdom is a cruel one.

Managing wildlife and domestic animals isn’t cruel.  It is part of the cycle of life.

What I really wanted to do, knowing this person and their political persuasions, was ask them a simple question.  “How can you be so abhorred by the trapping or hunting of animals, but be an outspoken supporter of a woman killing her own unborn child?”

That puzzles me.

***Gordon Howie is an author and CEO of Life and Liberty Media***

Gordon “It’s not about right or left, it’s about Right or Wrong.”

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3 comments for “Cruelty To Animals

  1. Robert Brancato CFE, CORCI
    December 10, 2015 at 7:50 am

    It is the comments from individuals that you discussed that confirm my beliefs everyday. The individuals who support abortion yet oppose the death penalty will never change. I just stay the course.

  2. Chip Campbell
    December 10, 2015 at 6:58 am

    Gordon holding his golden tongue. Inconceivable, and we still get the rest of the story.

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