$35.00 Could Change Your Life

Investing in your future is important.

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If you spend every cent you have as soon as you get it, you might find yourself in a time of need without any help.  There are plenty of places to invest.  Buy silver or gold.  Purchase stocks or bonds.  You can also put your money in a savings at a bank, or for that matter, hide it in your mattress.  What should you do?

About a year ago, I put some cash in an account with a commodity broker.  It didn’t take long for my cash to disappear.  Over my lifetime I have invested most of my money in real estate.  Some of those investments have produced well.  The largest real estate investments, which were poised for great success, disappeared quickly as politicians made decisions over which I had no control.

One of my investments has NEVER failed.  My commitment to giving has been the best investment I have made.  The model I use is found in Malachi 3, which commands us to bring the Tithes and offerings into God’s house.  The Tithe is 10% of the first fruits of your increase.  There is a wonderful promise attached to this command from God to give.  I have found it to be true and unfailing.

Most people can spare $35.00.  If you can’t, I’ll pray with you that $35.00 comes into your possession in some supernatural way.  Take the $35.00 that is in your hand and GIVE IT AWAY.  Invest it in the Kingdom of God.  Ask God to show you the return He gives you on this $35.00 investment.  It might be financial.  It could be in your health or in a relationship.  There is no end to the ways your dividend will appear, but be assured, your investment WILL  produce a dividend.  There isn’t any “magic” about $35.00.  It’s just an amount I’ve chosen.  Even if you already give Tithes and offerings, I hope you’ll take this $35.00 challenge.

Make a $35.00 investment.  It could change your life.

p.s.  Don’t give it to me.  This is not an attempt to solicit contributions, it’s an effort to help you apprehend the blessings of God.

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