Republicans Poised To Keep Obamacare

They want to call it “Repeal and Replace”.

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But it is hardly “Repeal”.

These are some of the key parts of the latest proposal from Senate Republican leaders:

  • Retains about half of the Obamacare taxes (Billions of dollars)

  • Keeps most of the Obamacare subsidies

  • Keeps most of the Obamacare regulations

  • Create a $200 Billion dollar bailot fund for insurance companies

Senator Rand Paul is one Senator who is standing firm.

He accurately describes the problem Republicans face in dealing with this issue, “Lack of resolve and lack of commitment”.

South Dakota Republican Senators Thune and Rounds are in lock-step with this proposal.  Among other things, they want to KEEP Billions of dollars of Obamacare taxes.


I am weary of all the limp-wristed Republicans who want to compromise their promise to REPEAL Obamacare.

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