Note To Republicans: “Put Up Or Shut Up”

Doing nothing is inexcusable.

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The Senate has adjourned for recess… with NO ACTION on the nation’s health care crisis.

Their inaction on this critical issue is unbelievable.  They have refused to repeal Obamacare, despite their campaign promises to do so.  They want to KEEP many of the taxes and provisions of this failed government program.  At the end of the day, they can’t decide to do ANYTHING.  This, while more insurance companies are simply leaving Americans with no options and/or skyrocketing premiums.

With all the money already spent (wasted) on Obamacare, we could have paid for insurance for all uninsured Americans several times over.  Instead, Billions have been spent, previously happy-with-their-health-care Americans are without insurance or struggling to pay higher premiums and we still don’t have a workable solution for health care problems.  Beyond that we have a Senate where Democrats refuse to do anything and Republicans are unable to do anything.

Sad is an understatement.

It is time for the Republican majority to take charge of this issue and solve the problems.  The time for excuses and finger pointing is long past.  Republican Senators should lock themselves in a room and not come out until they have unity on REPEAL and at least a start on Legislation to begin solving the problems…. one issue at a time.  Complicated, comprehensive legislation hasn’t worked.  If there is ever destined to be a comprehensive bill it would be so weighted down with regulations and spending programs that it would be destined to fail.  The days of adding pork and programs to buy votes has to end.  This is serious business.

Senate Republicans need to get their act together… NOW.

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