Make Bump Stocks Illegal

That’s the cry from anti-gun Leftists.

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OK.  I won’t argue with you about this.  BUT, do you really believe another gun law will make a difference?  Maybe it will make you feel better, but will it stop a deranged killer from buying (or making) one?  It isn’t likely.

The Las Vegas murders provide a convenient excuse for anti-gunners to rail against the First Amendment.  They are noticeably silent when a truck, car, knife, airplane or other “weapon” is chosen.

A friend of mine made an excellent observation:

“On Nov 18, 1978 the Rev. Jim Jones used Kool-Aid to kill 918 loyal trusting friends and lovers. Every psycho can find a way to murder.”

For a rational mind, that should settle the argument.

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2 comments for “Make Bump Stocks Illegal

  1. Darrell Solberg
    October 11, 2017 at 8:39 am

    I own guns for hunting and enjoy going with my son and grandson. You radical gun owners, try to illogically pass the blame to what you call the anti-gun leftist. I know plenty of gun owners that don’t fit that description feeling we need sensible gun safety laws on the books. I don’t own weapons of mass destruction, as I believe they are illegal to hunt birds and animals with. Laws don’t always prevent things, but they can be a deterrent. It would make it illegal to sell bump stocks. This Vegas mass murderer had a cache of guns for what purpose? We’re the North Koreans coming after him? It is plain to see that “the common sense flower doesn’t grow in everyone’s garden.

    • October 12, 2017 at 6:00 am

      Radical gun owners… hmmm. One thing we agree on Darrell, is “the common sense flower doesn’t grow in everyone’s garden” 🙂

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