What Leftists Really Want

Make no mistake, we are at war.

Our nation is engaged in a modern day version of the Civil War.  And, it is anything but civil.  This is a war that will not end until one side has won… convincingly.  This war will literally determine whether America lives or dies.

Leftists, and moderate Republicans are actually on the same side in this battle.  They fancy a “New America”, devoid of a moral compass.  In the name of ‘equality’ history is being re-written.  The truth of our Founding Fathers and founding principles is being replaced by the glorification and fabrication of homosexuals in history in eighth grade history books in California.  California law requires it.  Leftists also demand that abortion remain ‘safe and legal’.  Abortion is anything but safe.  One… oft times two people die every time an abortion is performed.

Leftists and moderates share the agenda that government should be supreme and individual rights can only be protected if and when they are in direct conflict with Godly moral principles.  Government is their ‘god’.

Leftists will stop at nothing… nothing… to remove or render ineffective the current President.  One can only wonder what they would do with a President Pence, who may actually be more completely committed to traditional Christian values than Trump.  Their hope is probably that Pence would be less effective than Trump.

The Leftists are committed to overthrowing anything… everything… that has anything to do with God.  They want it to be CRIMINAL to practice Christianity.  In many cases, it already is.  While it raises it’s ugly head in many forms, some of them even appearing to be ‘reasonable’, don’t kid yourself, this is a war against God.  Everything they want is actually contrary to the laws of God.  If you examine their proposals and their agenda, judging based on whether it aligns or rejects Godly principles, you will discover that most (if not all) of what they want is anti-God.

The conclusion of this war will determine whether we are one Nation under God, or a Nation of wickedness.

If Leftists win this war you will be living in the new Sodom and Gomorrah.


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