Buying The Democrats

Republicans declare a “win”.

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Fiscal responsibility looses.  Again.

The latest spending “compromise” finally passed the Senate in the late hours.  The House passed it in the early morning hours.

“Funding the military”… that is the way Republicans are selling this spending spree to taxpayers.  Sadly, they had an opportunity to do so WITHOUT the Billions of dollars in extra spending demanded by Senate Democrats.  You won’t hear much about that.  The Senate didn’t have 60 votes to pass the CLEAN military spending bill.  Republicans could change the rules to allow 51 votes to pass Legislation.  They won’t do that, for fear that it will come back to haunt them when/if the Democrats (God forbid) once again control the Senate.  Republicans are only kidding themselves.  The Democrats will change the rules whenever it suits them.

What Republicans just did:

  •  Removed the debt ceiling through March of 2019

  • $165 Billion dollars for Military spending

  • $131 Billion dollars for other spending

  • Funds government through March 23rd (of 2018)

Republicans are now willing to increase debt and spending.  An argument could be made that they are “buying” their re-election votes with tax dollars.  What do I mean??  Their preoccupation with political ‘spin’ requires them to accept more spending so they can claim victory on funding the Military.

One thing is certain…

… If it’s labeled “bipartisan” it’s bad for America.


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1 comment for “Buying The Democrats

  1. Janette
    February 9, 2018 at 9:54 am

    The limp Republicans have been “had” by the Democrats yet again. Spineless spineless spineless. So sad.

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