Will Congressional Republicans Stand Firm or “Compromise” Again?

On August 2, 2011, Congressional Republicans failed to stand firm on the promises made to their constituents and “compromised” (pronounced “surrendered”) to the Obama Administration. The Debt Reduction Act of 2011 was passed and gleefully signed by the president.

After all, he got what he wanted, and the Tea Party and grassroots conservative activists got…..vapor, smoke, nothing, nada.

Those Tea Party backed lawmakers went home for vacation, smiled and told us that they made the best deal they could get and they changed the way we do business in Washington. They also maintained a low profile while economic conditions worsened and Obama planned his next assault on the American taxpayer. They realized that they had alienated most Tea Party and grassroots conservatives when they made a debt ceiling deal with President Obama instead of sticking with their conservative principles to cut, cap and balance the federal budget.

Now, a little over a month after Congressional Republicans made their deal with Obama, he is back with his demands for another “compromise.” Weakness will always be rewarded with defeat.

This time it’s a new $450 billion stimulus plan, effectively reneging on the debt ceiling deal he made just last month. Conservative Republican cowardice in August has been met with liberal attack in September. Weakness will always be rewarded with defeat.

Now, the newly energized community activist will seize the moment and drive the debate so that his re-election will be assured and his socialist agenda will be advanced.

If there was ever proof that the Tea Party and conservatives were right about the debt ceiling deal and that making spending deals with Obama is folly, this is it.

So what will it be? Will Congressional Republicans cave in to Obama’s demands for creating jobs for union workers, more taxes and spending or will they stand firm against this new raid on the Treasury by Obama and his Big Labor allies?


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