Just in from our “on the scene” correspondent, Gordon Howie at the Value Voter Summit in Washington D.C. 

The vote is in!!!!!!

 A straw poll of 2,000 conservative leaders from across the country has spoken……..

                                  Representative Mike Pence for President

                                  Governor Sarah Palin for Vice President

 The last two days have been filled with exciting speakers reading like the who’s who of conservative American political thought.  We have heard from a host of conservative headliners like Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachman, Bill Bennett, Gary Bauer, Sen. Jim DeMint, Ken Blackwell, Sean Hannity, Gov. Mike Huckabee, Sen. Jim Inhofe, David Limbaugh, Gov. Bob McDonnell, Tony Perkins, Sen. Rick Santorum, Gov. Mitt Romney, Phyllis Schlafley, and oh yes……… a new and rising star, Christine O’Donnell.

 This is the largest gathering ever for the Values Voter Summit.  The enthusiasm is high and the standing ovations have been many!!  You will no doubt be hearing much about this summit in the days to come, but hold on to your seats……. Bighorn Canyon and friends may VERY SOON be bringing a large contingent of these conservative heroes TO YOU, in South Dakota!!!!!!  Stay tuned to the Right Side Blog for details.

 Gordon Howie-from Washington D.C.



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